Here are a few clips from Americas' Number 1 Family !

UDAMAN.WAV Bart: "You DA MAN Homer!"

BART_S.WAV Bart: "I'm Bart Simpson, Who the hell are you?"

BARTBUTT.WAV Bart: "Oh SURE, Like I'm really gonna take a picture of my butt!"

CARRAMBA.WAV Bart: "Hay Carramba!"

CHICCHIC.WAV Bart: "You're one of those 'Don't call me a chick' chicks eh..?"

DAMNED.WAV Bart: "You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't."


OTTODULT.WAV Bart: "You can do it Otto, You're the coolest adult I know!" Otto: "WOW!.. I've never been called an adult before......... I've been tried as one.......

TUCHBUTT.WAV Bart: "WHY would ANYBODY wanna touch a girls' butt?"

And now, a few words of wisdom from my hero....

Homer J. Simpson

32DOHS.WAV A mix of 32 different 'DOH!'s

ALBANIAN.WAV Skinner: "You will be getting an Albanian." Homer: "You mean all white with pink eyes?"

ANYKEY.WAV Homer: "To start, press any key.... Where's the 'any' key?"

BEERKILL.WAV Homer: "OH LISA!.. You and your stories, 'Bart is a vampire', 'Beer kills brain cells' now lets go back to that ... building thingy.... where our beds and TV..... is"

BORING.WAV Homer: "Boring!"

CLEVER.WAV Homer: "I guess you might say he's barking up the wrong bush

COMPCAN.WAV Homer: <GASP!> "Computers can do that?"

DOH!.WAV Homer: "DOH!"

DOHMETOO.WAV Homer: <whining> "DOH!,.... me too.."

HOMER911.WAV Homer: "Hello operator... Give me the number for 911!"

ICECREAM.WAV (Ice Cream truck music) Homer: "wait a minute... <GASP> Ice Cream truck!!!! Me! Me! I was here first!"

NOLEARN.WAV Homer: "I haven't learned a thing."

NOTBRITE.WAV Homer: "Lord help me, I'm just not that bright."

QTIP.WAV Homer: "Shut up brain, or I'll stab ya with a Q-Tip!"

SUCK_UCK.WAV Homer: "You suck diddly-uck Flanders!"

ULITTLE.WAV Homer: "Why you little....!"



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